What’s In A Name? 8 Personalised Email Examples You’ll Love

email personalisation

Email personalisation can really support your business’ growth.

Personalisation is the key to email success. People want to feel that marketing messages aren’t just offering them relevant products, but the message has been carefully created just for them. Personalization, according to some research, can increase open rates by 244% and click-through rates by 161%.

There are many different tactics for personalization you can use; some are complex, while others are less so. Here are eight examples of personalised emails for you to look at and consider.

1. JetBlue – Anniversaries

JetBlue has a unique approach; they purposefully send an email after you’ve been subscribed to their mailing list for one year. It’s an interesting concept that gets you thinking about the relationship you’ve built up with them over the year.

They even play on the traditional anniversary jokes such as forgetting, who’s buying the presents and that time you didn’t talk to them.

2. Amazon – Recommended Products

Amazon is an expert at personalised emails. They use your account’s browsing history to send you product suggestions for products that might be suitable considering what you have previously been looking for.

Amazon often sends these to customers within two to three days. They also send cart reminders to get you to complete transactions.

3. LinkedIn – Job Opportunities

LinkedIn has always been about the career opportunities available. Therefore, LinkedIn often looks at your experience and then matches your experience and qualifications against job opportunities other organisations have posted on the site.

These emails are sent roughly once a week and don’t require the reader to buy anything – which makes them effective and boosts the value of their job posting services.

4. Twitter – Recommendations

Twitter is a social media site that sends numerous personalized messages. Firstly, they send messages to remind you of the content that is available on the network from those who you are following and often interact with the most.

They also provide information about potential people to follow. And Finally, you could receive emails regarding the promotional opportunities available to your business.

5. Hawaiian Airlines – Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are a good way to show that you care about your subscribers. Hawaiian Airlines send out birthday wishes. They also offer subscribers a chance to earn 500 extra airline miles should they book within one year.

This email demonstrates intricate knowledge of the subscriber, which can be endearing, and adds a reward for interacting with the brand. There is also an element of gamification which is very attractive to most customers.

6. Netflix – Recommended Watching

Netflix is great at sending recommended watching emails to customers. They base their recommendations on previous watching history and will send details of films or television programs when they’ve been released.

The emails even have functions for the receiver to add the program to their list of favourite programs or to watch now. An additional function on the email is that subscribers can see similar programs to the one they are recommending.

7. Birchbox – Hello You

Birchbox is a company that loves to get personal. Their emails always start with the subscriber’s name and then they add on the number of reward points they have collected so far.

The products that are recommended to the subscriber are also based on their previous purchase history; this gives the best impression that the email will recommend products that are relevant.

8. Facebook – Event Trigger

Facebook is good at sending emails based on actions you’ve taken. For instance, if you don’t log into your account for five days, they will send you an email to remind you about your account.

The network will also send an email if you log back in after a length of time.


Personalization will get your email marketing campaigns more returns. There are many options for personalization, and not just including their name in the email. What personalisation will you use in your next campaign?

Let us know in the comments below.

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