7 New Ways to Add New Subscribers to Your Email List

Email marketers are great at marketing products and services (either their own or a client’s), but not so great when it comes to marketing their own email newsletters. Think of your e-newsletter as a product or a value-added freebie. Then market it accordingly. 

1. Use email to promote your emails

OK, so this is not exactly new – but think of new ways to entice potential subscribers. Include a visual of the email itself or give a teaser or excerpt of content. The following example from Liberty Mutual’s Responsible Sports shows an excerpt from a newsletter as a teaser.

E-newsletter preview

If you think this is preaching to the choir, think again. You should include a Forward To A Friend link in all your emails. In doing so, you have the opportunity to extend your (p)reach to potential     subscribers.

2. Raise the (Hello) Bar

Use a Hello Bar to capture visitors’ attention as soon as they land on your website.

Hello Bar

Author Ramit Sethi uses a Hello Bar – and reverse psychology – to promote his latest book.

3. Get the most out of mobile

Mobile marketing is the latest buzzword, and this should apply to building your email list as well. Those receiving your company’s text messages may not be email subscribers. Use mobile messaging to promote email signup. Since mobile subscribers are accustomed to receiving offers via SMS, consider including some kind of incentive for signup.

4. Social studies 101

Cross-promote your email newsletter on your social networks. More specifically, create an exclusive offer just for your Facebook fans or Twitter or Pinterest followers.

Better yet, ask your current subscribers to “review” your emails on social media sites. Many companies ask customers to review their products and services – why not ask for reviews of your email newsletter(s)? This is particularly fitting for B2B companies – encourage your subscribers to share their favorite insights/tips from your content-filled emails.

Those who follow your company on social networks are already engaged with your brand and are likely to be receptive to offers via email. After all, you probably promote your social network sites via email, so why not do the reverse?

5. App-ly yourself

Not every business can invest in a mobile app, but for those businesses with retail locations, an app can drive traffic. It also can work in conjunction with email. Think about it – customers who shop offline will want to know about special offers, so they are predisposed to signing up for emails.

If you don’t have an app or don’t want to invest in one, consider advertising on other apps to promote email signup. Numerous ad networks exist, so it might be a bit overwhelming at first. New to mobile app advertising? A good place to start is with the Internet Advertising Bureau; check out its Mobile Buyer’s Guide

6. Non-conventional sites

Most people think of sites such as eBay and Craigslist only in terms of hawking products. But be warned – eBay has a whole slew of guidelines on mailing lists. According to Entrepreneur.com, here are a few of the basics:

  • Don’t include an opt-in offer in your auction listings or eBay store. (You can include an opt-in form on your “About Me: page.
  • Don’t automatically add your auction customers or visitors to your opt-in list.
  • Use your transactional emails to encourage email opt-in.

7. Share your opinion (and a link to your site)

Write guest blog posts or comment on posts relevant to your company’s industry and audience. If allowed, include a link back to your site in your signature. (And, of course, be sure to have a prominent email sign-up area on your site.)

Even if the blog’s guidelines prohibit including a link, when you regularly provide insightful comments you’ll position yourself/your company as an authority in your field. Those who read the blog will be more likely to seek out additional content from your site.

Remember, with email lists quality often trumps quantity. Focus on building a list of engaged subscribers, then maintain your list with relevant and rich content.

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