How To Draw Attention To Key Information

How you can draw attention to important information in your emails.

Any email that’s successful has done one thing right: it’s got the audience to pay attention to the key information. This information can be varied from price amendments to delivery changes. Whatever the information, the method to draw attention is practically the same.

In fact, there isn’t just one aspect that will help draw your audience’s attention towards key information, there are many. This quick guide will help you design an email campaign to get your message across and ensure subscribers don’t miss out on important information.

1. Get Your Email Subject Line And Preheader Text Right

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your email subject line and the preheader text convey the importance of your message. At the same time, you need to avoid words associated with spam so your email stays out of the junk box.

You can do this by using possessive sentences that give the reader ownership and convey some urgency to the message. You can also read our recent blog post about what words to avoid in your email to stay out of spam boxes.

2. Less Text

Text takes time to read and can be frustrating for your audience. Therefore, you need to be concise with your email text and only write what’s necessary. You can highlight important text by putting it in bold, but this should be seldom used.

Never use capital letters in an email as this comes across as aggressive and can damage your brand’s reputation. Colour usage in text is okay, but it’s best left alone as certain colours can convey emotions that you might not want to attribute to your email message.

Finally, try to shorten paragraphs so they’re only a sentence or two long. This is better for mobile display and in addition makes it easier for your audience to read.

3. Use Images And GIFs

Another way for you to convey a message is to use images. Images are processed by the brain much faster than text, have a higher retention rate, and are more attractive to the human eye.

GIFs are a popular way to display a message and they have the bonus of being associated with a cultural reference or are humorous. Therefore, your message has an added attractiveness and higher chance of being retained. Because they are also moving images, they draw the attention of the eye.

GIFs can be used for various messages including:

  • Adding humour to recent issues your business has suffered (i.e. system down).
  • Showcasing new products/services.
  • Telling an important story (i.e. new staff member)
  • They can help demonstrate complex concepts.

Image/GIF placement is also important. People tend to read the left-hand side of a screen more than the right-hand side.

4. Send Emails When Audiences Will Read Them

It’s important to ensure your emails are being sent at the right time. Sending an email when people will just delete it because they are too busy isn’t useful. Instead, you need to analyse when people are less busy or are more receptive to emails.

It can be a complex operation to determine this, but by A/B testing campaigns you should be able to determine the best time and day to send them. If you haven’t done this yet, you should prioritise it for the best results.


Any email campaign you send will convey important information that you’ll need your audience to digest and retain. There are lots of different stages that are needed for your emails to get the attention they need. One of the most important steps is using visuals as part of the email and GIFs are very effective visual pieces of information to help.

Do you use GIFs in your email marketing campaigns? What tactics do you use for your audience to read and retain key information?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Damir Radovic March 26, 2018 at 11:40 am

This is interesting! I never added any images/gifs to my emails, I’ll try it sometime. Of course, text on the left side, the image on the right 🙂

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