How The Top 5 Brands Do Their Email Marketing

How can your business learn from the top five email marketing campaigns?

Nothing works better than success, that’s the only certainty in business. You can look at the top five brands and how they do email marketing to discover how they all connect and sell to their audience. If you can learn from their campaigns, you can avoid a lot of mistakes which newbie email marketers tend to make.

So, who are the top brands and how are they creating a storm with their email marketing?

1. Amazon

There’s probably no bigger brand than Amazon. Last year, Amazon achieved sales of $22 trillion. Part of their strategy is to reach out to customers who have abandoned their carts and those who have bought similar items previously. They also send emails to customers who buy products regularly (i.e. ink cartridges).

Sending these emails has three effects:

  • It helps to bring back customers who have abandoned carts. This can help to increase revenues significantly.
  • It reminds customers about products that need regularly replacing.
  • It helps generate additional income by offering products they know past customers should like.

2. Mumsnet

The UK’s largest parenting website provides a great example of marketing automation. They base their automation marketing campaigns on a journey. For example, their pregnancy campaign is set around your due date – you simply enter your due date into their system.

In addition, they have campaigns which are responsive to actions you take on the emails. Therefore, subscribers aren’t receiving irrelevant information.

Things you can learn from Mumsnet:

  • Customers are on a journey and you need to match their place on that journey with your email campaigns.
  • Automation saves time and is valuable to your audience.
  • For more relevance to your audience, you should tie in campaigns to your audience’s actions on previous emails.

3. BuzzFeed

While you might think big brands don’t need automation or big email marketing campaigns you’d be wrong. BuzzFeed is the perfect example. They have one of the highest visitor rates in the world, but they aren’t there just to share cute GIFs. They have very active email lists and campaigns.

They have over 20 newsletters that vary in topic from Health and Beauty, to pets. These email campaigns contribute to about 20% of their monthly traffic, and the average email visitor spends about three more minutes on the site than visitors from other channels.

One of the best examples of newsletters they have is their courses, which are fully automated.

What can you learn?

  • Email marketing can contribute to 20% of your traffic.
  • Email lists should be designed for the specific needs of your audience with segregation being a significant factor.

4. Grammarly

This is one which all brands should take note of. They didn’t just market their services; they offered social proof by using a fan’s tweet and pairing it with a relevant upgrade offer.

The proof was delivered by an embedded tweet within the email. And everyone knows that social proof is highly trusted by audiences and can help you sell more in the long-term.

What can you learn from Grammarly’s email campaign?

  • Social proof in your emails can help build sales.
  • You need to monitor social media channels for relevant content relating to your brand.
  • Integrating emails with social media can be powerful.

5. Canva

Most of Canva’s services are free; they only have a small percentage of paid services. While their services are good, so are their emails.

They keep information and the design minimal to keep the reader focused. It helps the subscriber to take specific actions depending on the email sent. They also include a lot of whitespaces which increases understanding by about 20%.

Finally, they send emails to users who haven’t been on for a while. This helps them bring back users and subscribers to their services.

What can you learn from Canva?

  • Emails can be used to re-engage your audience.
  • Emails with less content can perform better.

How Will You Improve Your Campaigns?

If you are looking to improve your business’ email campaigns, there’s no better set of teachers than these companies. The examples above are of the best campaigns that sold and raised awareness.

How will you implement their best tactics in your business? What tactics do you already use?

Let us know in the comments below.

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