QR Codes and Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile marketing is now an essential component in any marketing campaign.

Nearly half (46 percent) of American adults — your customers — are smartphone owners. And, that number is growing exponentially. Therefore, it is necessary— more like critical— to utilize mobile-friendly marketing to bridge the gap between traditional marketing and online marketing. How do you do that? One way is through the use of QR codes or quick-response codes.

QR codes are the trademark for a type of martrix barcode that offers fast readability and increased storage capacity. The two-dimensional black-and-white code can store data such as contact information, URLs, email addresses, and more. They provide a direct link from offline to online, from print to mobile. QR codes are now being used on everything from plants at Lowe’s and homebuilder signage, to t-shirts, and race bibs. And, marketers are now starting to utilize QRs codes in email marketing too. These QR codes are powerful tools and email marketers can take advantage of them to leverage their campaigns.

According to Jericho’s GetSMART blog post, there are three top ways to use QR codes in email marketing.

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