Email Marketing Newsletters: Your Design Checklist

What are the design elements you have to include in your email newsletters?

What are the design elements you have to include in your email newsletters?

The design of your email can have a massive impact on its success. Other elements are important to ensure that you comply with national and international digital communication laws. Yet so many email newsletters don’t have all the design aspects they should. Use this quick checklist to ensure that all your email marketing copy is up to scratch.

Legal Requirement Check List

1. The Unsubscribe Button

Every piece of email communication you send out to subscribers needs to have an option for the receiver to say they wish to stop receiving messages. This is a legal requirement in numerous nations including the US, UK and Australia.

The button doesn’t have to be huge, it can be a single line attached to the bottom of your email. But it must be there.

2. Business Address

Your email must contain a physical address from which the receiver can send mail. This provides evidence of your legitimacy and complies with several international digital communication laws.

3. Conditions Of Offers

If you are sending a special offer to customers, you must clearly state what the terms and conditions are within the email. This again could be included at the bottom of your email away from the main promotional copy. However, be sure to highlight where your terms and conditions are.

4. Your Organisation’s Name

This is very important. People like to know who they are speaking to, so as a minimum, your organisation’s name should be included somewhere in the post.

5. Why They Are Receiving The Email?

Some laws require you to include a reference as to why they received the email. To make sure you are covered place this clearly at the top of the email. You never know, perhaps the receiver forgot signing up to your email marketing list.

Best Practice Design Checklist

1. An Image

An image paints a thousand words and the best performing emails always include an image. The image can be placed anywhere in the copy of the email; however, the best locations are the top or side of the text. Ensure that each image has an associated URL which the receiver can use to visit your website (a blog post or landing page).

2. A Call To Action Button

While text links are okay, the button is the best way to attract the attention of your audience and encourage them to click through to your offer page. The colour of your button, the type of font and the text itself can all be changed to increase the click through rate of your email campaigns.

Positioning of your call to action can also have an impact on the email’s success. So experiment and adjust the location of the button in A/B testing campaigns.

3. Personalisation

Personalisation of your email marketing is one way to grab the attention of your audience. By adding the name of your recipients, their business name or website, you can really improve your open rate.

4. Branding

If you looked at your email, would you know whether or not it is from your brand? Everything from the colour to the inclusion of a logo is required to ensure that people know who wrote and sent the email. If you’ve built up trust with your clients, this can help you gain more opens and better click through rates.


Creating high quality and legal email newsletters can be achieved through the effective implementation of different elements. By using the checklist above, you will increase the chance of email marketing success and not break any laws.

Are your emails legal? Do they meet best practices?

Show us your emails and let us know in the comments below.

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