Boost Office Productivity With These 5 Hacks

Eat healthily to help your productivity

Eat healthily to help your productivity

When business leaders look to increase profits, they often consider making more sales. While this can be necessary, it can also sometimes mean you need to hire more staff to cater for the new clients. Therefore, the returns on additional clients and work can be smaller than expected.

If your business were to take on new work and use the same resources, your profit margins would be much better. This technique relies on you increasing productivity within your office and ensuring staff are doing more work within the same amount of time.

This is often a challenge for small businesses. However, there are simple tricks you can utilise that can help you improve your office productivity. Here are five of the best productivity hacks for your office.

1. Schedule Your Daily Activities In Advance

Don’t wait until the morning to schedule your day. At the very least, you need to be scheduling and organising your day the night before, if not much further in advance. Using a to-do list, which includes the must-do tasks, is a motivator boost. When you cross off items on the list, you’ll feel great about it.

2. Track And Limit The Time You’re Spending On Tasks

Only about 17% of people can accurately estimate the passage of time. Most people think that they are spending less time on activities than they actually are. This can cause serious time management challenges. Therefore, ensure you are setting appropriate timescales for tasks and monitor the passing time carefully.

3. Don’t Multitask

This is an important one. We are used to being told how the ability to effectively multitask is an important attribute in today’s modern workplace. However, research has shown that the brain can’t effectively switch between tasks. It is best when we concentrate on one problem, or task, at a time. When we do switch tasks, we waste time that could have been put to better use.

Further research has also shown that when we are multitasking, our retention rates drop and this can have serious implications for productivity; by either having to redo work or by adding in more checks.

4. Healthy Diets, Healthy Mind

Everything you eat gets converted into glucose that fuels your body. When you run low on glucose, you’ll find it difficult to concentrate and operate effectively. However, not everything is consumed by our bodies the same way. Foods like pasta, bread and cereals provide a quick glucose boost but then end in a slump. High-fat foods, like cheeseburgers or BLTs, provide longer lasting energy but require more oxygen to digest which can make you groggy.

Try to snack continuously throughout the day, as this will prevent spikes and slumps in your productivity by maintaining a consistent glucose level in your body. Also, try to snack on foods like fruit, nuts and protein bars – these will provide the best boost to your glucose levels and productivity.

5. Be Distraction Free

You can’t eliminate distractions from your working day. There will always be the unexpected call from a salesperson, customer or the interruption from a colleague, manager or employee looking for information. However, you should try to minimise your interruptions as much as possible. Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t have your email inbox open. Emails pinging into your box are a big distraction.
  • Close the office door.
  • Don’t have social media notifications turned on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Keep your desk tidy – too much mess is a big distraction.

Productivity To Business Success

As you become more productive, you’ll find that you can generate more revenue without increasing hours or payment. Therefore, your profit margins increase and you can spend more time on activities that can also increase your lead generation or sales.

What productivity hacks do you have? What have you tried to do on the list above?

Let us know in the comments below.

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