3 Tricks To Writing Amazing Email Headlines That Get Opened

Tricks to write better headlines to ensure your emails are opened.

Getting your emails opened is the first step in any email campaign. The more people that open your emails, the more people that are likely to take action. There are many ways to improve your open-rate, however, writing great email headlines is one of the best ways.

So, here are some amazing tricks you can use to write those email headlines that will encourage audiences to engage with your content.

1. Use Numbers In The Headlines

One of the typical ways you can entice people to open emails is to include a number, often written in numerical form, within the subject. For instance, “7 Secrets To Have A Great Christmas” sounds better than “Secrets To Have A Great Christmas”.

Numbers offer several things to audiences. Firstly, it sets an expectation that they can measure against for satisfaction. Secondly, it is because a number is very attractive to the human eye. Therefore, when your email is listed among loads of others, yours with a number in it is more likely to be opened.

You don’t need to have a large number of tips or tricks for your audience to digest in an email, just one is better than none. An example of this could be: “What is the 1 secret your teachers didn’t tell you about school?” compared to “What’s the secret teachers didn’t tell you about school”. The second one has less authority and is not as attractive, that little number adds a lot of value to your readers, even though the topic is the same.

2. Be Controversial

Sometimes being a little controversial can add an attraction to audiences. For instance: “What is the one secret your teachers didn’t tell you about school?” adds a little controversy because it is talking about what teachers have kept from students.

Other writers have used controversial headlines to get people to open emails. However, that doesn’t always work. You’ve got to create a controversial headline that doesn’t impede your message. In fact, your controversial subject line shouldn’t be against the main message. For instance, don’t write a subject line that says: “You don’t want to come to my event” and then have an email that suggests what they’ll miss out on and eventually say “unless you want to come”. The whole subject line is wasted and trust in your content undone.

However, you could follow the example of Ian Brodie who wrote an email about why networking didn’t work for him. His headline was why networking didn’t work (for him). He got high praise for that email and the controversial headline worked.

3. Offer Secrets

Humans love to be in the know. We like to know something that others don’t. This is why offering information that is ‘secret’ in emails is such a good way to get people to open them. Secrets seem to imply that the reader is going to get information that they’ve not seen or read from before. This is a great way to get them to open it because so many emails include the same information.

For instance, if you had a subject line: “Five ways to grow your business” people have probably read articles and emails about this a lot. They might think your email is a rewrite of many of those content pieces. However, if you change it to “Five secrets that will grow your business” audiences will think that that new information is included within the article. This makes it more likely to be opened.


The three tricks that we’ve mentioned above are the ones that you’re going to need in order to build a successful email marketing campaign. They are three tricks that will help get your emails noticed in crowded mailboxes with busy audiences. When more people read your content, you can immediately see more returns on your investment.

What tricks do you have for your headlines? Have you tried any of the above?

Let us know in the comments below.

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