Three Benefits Of Video Content In Your Email Marketing

Videos in email marketing

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It has been a possibility for a long time to include videos within emails for marketing. It takes just a few clicks to insert a video, hosted from a popular video platform like YouTube, into a campaign. The benefits of video have long been known as well. On landing pages they help conversions and can improve order values on product pages.

In addition, they are known as great marketing tools. Those sites with videos embedded on them receive more social shares.

However, still there are few people who regularly use video within their emails.

Why Is Video Under-Utilised?

There are many reasons why video might be under-utilised for marketers. One of the common reasons might simply be because those creating campaigns don’t have the content to share. Yet videos can be created on numerous sites in minutes and for little cost. Therefore, this can’t be something that prevents brands from creating video content.

Another reason could be skill. Video creation is harder than other forms of content. Yet there are courses designed to support video creation and many simple video creation programs are easy to use. Perhaps if marketers know the true value of video within emails, there might be more of a push to overcome these challenges and implement a powerful email marketing campaign that contains video.

What Are The Benefits Of Video In Email Marketing?

There are numerous benefits of embedding a video into your email marketing campaign. So, here are the top benefits you can expect to see when you embed your first video into a campaign.

1. Higher Click-Through Rate

According to surveys with email marketers, the emails that contain video have a 55% increase in click-through rate. In theory, this should lead to more conversions, but research has shown that the increase is less substantial at just 24%. However, that is still a good increase for a business. In addition, those that do purchase after reading an email with video will have higher order values.

This shows that videos can be more convincing than standard text and image email campaigns. The reason why the conversions might be lower is because there is no video at the second stage. If a video is included there as well, the conversions might also increase. Plus, the research couldn’t determine whether a customer came back later to purchase.

2. Increased Time On Email

Another great reason why you should be considering using emails within your campaigns is that they are engaging. Video is one of the most consumed forms of content on the internet. By 2022, experts reckon that 82% of content consumed online will be video.

Video also has sticking power. Those who use emails within their campaigns report that people are taking more time to read and consume email marketing content. This can be important as more time consuming email leads to higher conversion rates and more brand recognition. In addition, when you’ve embedded a video from YouTube, it does mean that those video counts increase which can help your video rank better for related keywords on that platform.

3. More Social Sharing

While your campaign is on email, that doesn’t mean that social media can’t play its part. When you embed video into your email campaign, you should notice that your campaign is shared more on social media. This brings new audiences to see your email and can help to grow your email marketing list.

This has a positive long term impact on your marketing. The more people who are on your list, the greater the revenues in the long term and so you’ll be more successful.


Videos in email marketing are a great way for you to connect with audiences. The benefits they offer all lead to one thing: an email campaign with a better ROI. Considering that email already has the highest ROI digitally, this only makes it more valuable for your business.

Do you use videos in email? Where do you host those videos?

Let us know in the comments below.

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