Why Your Marketing Needs To Align With Your Content And Goals

Write marketing publications that agree with other content and your goals

Too many companies think that marketing is the publication of content that draws audiences into a brand. While this is a simplified approach, marketing does much more than this in many respects. And that is why numerous campaigns fail. Here are some of the ramifications of marketing without alignment to content or goals.

1. It Confuses Audiences

One of the first problems that you might find with your publication of content without alignment to your content or goals, is that people get confused by your message. The best marketing has one clear message and that is linked to corporate ethics and values. When you market a brand without alignment to content or goals, you risk creating a two-tier set of communications that can contradict with each other.

For instance, you could publish content on your social media channels about hot weather being a great time to buy and use your product. But then you could also have content on your website that links best use of your product in cold weather. This is a mismatch that will confuse audiences into deciding when your product is best used.

Another example is sending out an email that promotes a webinar, but sending them to a landing page that advertises an ebook. Audiences will not know what they’re supposed to be doing. This can lower conversion rates and waste marketing budgets.

2. You Can Promote To The Wrong Audience

When you don’t align your marketing to set goals, ethics, or content on your site, you’re likely to attract the wrong audience. This can be particularly problematic if your content is centred on a certain set of demographics. For instance, you might market to small business leaders but then have content that is more relevant to multi-national companies.

This mismatch harms a commercial reputation and you can see your future marketing endeavours ignored by both sets of audiences. It can also take a lot of effort to improve your reputation once it has been tarnished.

If you do get some of the audience who engage with your marketing to subscribe to further content, then all you’re getting is bad data. These aren’t the people who can benefit from your products and services or they might not be in a position to make a purchase. Further marketing to these people is just expensive and a waste of your precious time.

3. It Makes Work Harder In Your Organisation

Productivity in your business is another key aspect to profitability. The more staff can do in a given time, the higher the revenues and the more profit you can make. However, if they are dealing with miscommunications because marketing has been produced with the wrong focus, they will waste time correcting it.

In addition, staff want to know that there is a singular approach to work. It helps them be more focused and buy-in to brand priorities. This in turn helps you as it improves staff engagement, retention and quality of work.

Just staff leaving your organisation can be a major cost, but staff will leave if they feel the company is not aligning goals with marketing. The cost of replacing staff can be the equivalent of 18 months’ of wages.

Aligning Marketing With Goals And Content Is Easy

The truth is that aligning marketing with your goals and content is fairly easy. It is about writing down what is important to your brand and basing everything on that one philosophy. So, if you want to help customers cut the time they’re spending doing taxes, that is the focus you should have on your marketing. Or if you want to sell customers ingredients to help them turn bland food into spicy creations, you need to sell that benefit.

Focus marketing using content you’ve already generated and the goals that are in the heart and soul of your business. It will give you better results.

How do you align marketing with goals and content? What do you create first?

Let us know in the comments below.

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