Four Ways To Use Tags To Manage Your Email List

Add tags to your email subscribers

Managing your email list is an important aspect of email marketing. There are several ways to manage your email list and one of those is using tags. Subscribers to your mailing list can be provided with many tags as are needed. This allows you to refine marketing campaigns and build profits.

Some of the ways you can use tags to manage your email list include:

1. Distinguish Position In The Sales Process

One way that you can use tags is to distinguish where subscribers are on your sales process. For instance, are they pre-sale, recent sale or regular customer. This can make a big difference because you want to send pre-sale customers completely different content to those who are regular customers.

At the same time, you could adjust this to include products that the customer has bought in the past. This allows you to create content that is specifically designed to create cross selling opportunities without advertising irrelevant or the same products to audiences. This can mean you aren’t losing subscribers who unsubscribe because you aren’t offering them the best content.

Also, it can help to improve your campaign’s key metrics including open rates, click through rates and conversions.

2. Distinguish Important Demographics

Another key feature that you might want to identify is important demographics that are related to your marketing. For instance, if you own a kids clothing brand, you might want to add tags like mother, father, the kids ages, the kids’ genders, etc.. This will give you key indicators on what content to send subscribers.

So, for instance, if you have a special deal on t-shirts for girls to celebrate mother’s day, you could send this message to fathers who have girls. If you only have items that are for children under six years, you can specify this.

With enough tags you can really be specific with the subscribers who get the campaigns and ensure that they are sent correctly.

3. Identify Subscriber Special Events

A more complex tag set to use is to add tags that identify specific special days for your subscribers. For instance, you could add tags to identify their birthday, wedding anniversary or other important dates. You can then use these to send key reminders to treat themselves or buy a present for a special someone.

This is the hardest tag set to use for two reasons:

a. You need a larger number of tags to distinguish between different groups. If you did just anniversary and birthday, you would also need twenty four different tags (12 for anniversary and 12 for birthday).

b. You need to be consistent with the tag writing. For instance, you need to ensure that they all follow the same format like birthday-june. This prevents you from using the wrong tag system when creating campaigns and missing some important campaigns.

4. Identify Old Subscribers/Key Subscribers

Another way to use tags is to identify users who are no longer responding to emails or are key subscribers (they share content, always purchase). You need to be sending these groups special content to re-engage or reward them for their loyalty to your brand.

This can be a key set of tags because you should be regularly cutting out those who are labelled as old subscribers (or inactive). And those who are very active can actually help you drive sales by showcasing the rewards they get.


Tags are an important part of managing your email campaigns. They help you to identify who should receive specific campaigns and make sure that subscribers aren’t getting content that is going to turn them away from your brand.

How do you use tags in your email campaign? How often do you manage those tags?

Let us know in the comments below.

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