How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

How can you build your business using email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. It’s versatile, effective and because it is permissive marketing, it is more accepted than other forms of marketing. Most business owners see email marketing as only a sales avenue, but it is much more effective than that. Here are some of the ways that you can use email marketing to grow your business.

1. Sales

Starting with the obvious is sales. Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing avenues you can use. It has the highest ROI of any digital channel and can therefore offer high rewards.

However, using email marketing for sales requires careful planning. You need to segment your audience and ensure the right email is being sent at the right time. Incorrect application of email marketing for sales can lead to high unsubscribe rates and poor returns. Emails work very well if you’re hosting a sale, discount or special offer at some point.

2. Advice

A classic way that many of the top businesses use email marketing is to not sell products or services, but to give away advice. The idea here is that by offering free advice to your audience, you can get them to become more reliant on your brand. As they grow a need for one of your products/services, they will automatically think of you and visit your site to make a purchase.

Advice is a good way to encourage interactions with audiences because it can also help spread news of your brand. Emails that offer useful support to customers are often shared on social media to peers and this can lead to more subscribers and positive word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

This strategy can also be mixed in with your blog. You can either use an RSS feed, updating your audience on the latest blog posts you’ve released or create mini articles based on the blog articles. This does save time for your marketing, but it does mean those regularly reading your blog don’t get any other news. The alternative is to create fresh advice and link it to other pages on your site.

3. Build Lead Magnets

This tactic is about developing content for your site which requires the user to provide details to gain access. Often this is in the form of a downloadable ebook or guide, but can be access to a page. The idea is that you theme the lead magnet that can be attributed to a specific product or service.

Then the people who download or gain access to the lead magnet can be marketed to specifically about the product/service. News about the lead magnet can be spread via email (and other channels).

4. Competitions

Everybody loves to win something for nothing. Emails can be utilised in this way. You can run a competition on social media and your website where subscribing to your email list results in an entry into your competition.

Many people won’t leave your list after the competition either, so you can grow your marketing list that way very fast.

5. Recruitment

Email marketing isn’t just about selling products/services. It can be about growing your team. Some companies have successfully grown their business through email marketing by offering subscribers a chance to work for them. It could be a one-off job like writing an article or doing some translation work or it could be a long-term permanent job.

The advantage of this is that you’ve already been indoctrinating the audience into your culture and beliefs. That means that you can get a higher quality of candidate that can result in a longer tenure of the successful application.


There are many ways that email marketing can be used to grow your business. The above five ideas are just some of the simplest you can employ today. They are all effective, if done correctly, and can result in steady, sustainable growth for your business.

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