5 Key Points For Writing Compelling Marketing Emails

notes-514998_1920Email marketing is one of the most important activities that your business, whether big or small, should be doing this year. It consistently has the highest return of any digital marketing channel and can be a real force to re-engage old prospects and customers to make consistent purchases with your business.

They are also easy to implement and monitor, meaning you can concentrate more on what matters to your business, the production.

Your email marketing campaigns will rely on several elements. However, one of them that will matter above all else is the writing of your email. If you don’t have good email copy, no one will pay attention to the offer you are presenting and your email remains just another message in a junk folder.

So how do you write compelling marketing emails? Here are our top five tips:

1. Actionable Copy

This is important within the copy of the email as well as the subject line. You want to give instructions to your email list to tell them what you want them to do after reading the email. For instance, words like ‘download’, ‘take’, ‘reserve’, ‘buy’, etc. are pretty good actionable words.

There are ways that you can tell the audience what to do without relying on verbs, which can provide you with extra room and seem less pushy. For instance, TicketMaster will send emails like “Don’t Miss Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band”. This doesn’t use a verb, but it indicates what actions you need (i.e. book tickets).

2. Write Content That Can Be Skimmed

Most people don’t really read their emails, just like blog posts. They skim read them looking for the really important pieces of information. You probably only have about five seconds to impress your reader and get them to understand what you want. Therefore, you need to write short and simple emails.

All your key points need to be bolded and bulleted so your audience can immediately see what is important. Next, you need to add a couple of call-to-actions so even if they miss the first, the second or third will attract their attention.

3. Talk About Benefits Rather Than Features

Small business owners and inexperienced sellers are often adept at talking about features and what’s included in a deal but these aren’t very convincing to prospects. Your audience doesn’t care that your product has the most powerful technology in the industry or can process commands in 1/600th of a second. For many that will have no meaning to them.

Instead you need to advertise the benefits to the customer of your product. Talk about how it can save them time, money or improve their life, social standing, etc. This is far more convincing.

4. Provide Proof

Email readers are often cynical of most emails they receive. Many of them will immediately assume that your email is spam or just selling them something, and this isn’t what they want in their inbox, despite email being the consumer’s most preferred marketing channel.

To avoid this cynicism you need to establish credibility and this can be done via proof. Show that you understand the consumer by using their language and buzzwords. To add to this, back up any claims with facts and numbers.

5. Personalise

There is nothing better in marketing than to provide a personal experience. People who see generic messages will often assume that the message has been sent to thousands of people with little relevance to them. However, by personalising the message, your reader will feel special; like they are the one who was chosen for your specific message.

There are many different ways to create personalised messages:

  • Include personalised information (name, business name, website information, etc.) within the subject line and content.
  • Segment your list for readers.
  • Send content at the right time for their location.


Email marketing is a great channel to sell your products and services. You can enhance your emails and get better returns if you write great copy. Consider the tips above to ensure that your emails are more engaging and convert more readers.

What are your writing tips? How do you convert readers into customers?

Let us know in the comments.

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