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What apps could you use to improve your business

Running a business can be challenging. There are so many tasks to keep up with and it might seem that you are ‘chasing your tail’ at times. The simple answer to this is to automate and use software to help you manage simple tasks and free-up your time.

MailChimp has a list of integrations that it recommends using on your website or within your organisation to help you manage your business. Here’s a list of the programs the site recommends; they will make your life around the office a lot easier.

1. Envoy

Do you have lots of visitors to your office? These visitors are a potential customer, and their long-term value can be greatly enhanced if you are able to capture their details as they enter your office.

Envoy is the perfect app for this purpose. The visitor registration app integrates perfectly with email marketing software, so you can capture who has arrived and when, and their contact details. You can even segregate visitors based on the reason for their visit (i.e. lead, customer, partner, etc.).

The sign-in details can be taken on an iPad or another mobile device at the entrance, and their details are automatically saved – no need to manually add them later. Then, once they’ve left, you can send them follow-up emails or another automation series to help convert the lead.

This system might even work in shops if you offer customers a chance to register.

2. Planyo

If you attend meetings, then you need to be organised. Your time is precious, and you can’t be wasting time booking in meetings manually, or accidentally double booking yourself or a member of your team. Planyo is a reservation software app which can help with organisation and save you time.

Once a booking has been made, Planyo will sync the data to that on your marketing list. You can then have a series of automated reminders sent to you, relevant team members, and those who have arranged the meeting.

The advantage of this program is that it can automatically tell relevant people about the meeting, so they can prepare. Perhaps your reception team can be prewarned, so they have refreshments ready and have a briefing of who’s arriving – it does make a great impression.

3. Typeform by Zapier

If you want your business to be a success then you will need to collect feedback from clients, opinions from your staff, and information from your partners. This information can form the basis of your business improvement initiatives, so you can develop and improve.

Typeform is a simple application that helps you collect this information for your business. The application uses attractive looking contact forms, questionnaires, and other forms, to glean this information from your target audience.

The application can be integrated with your business’ marketing list, so you don’t have to manually collect details; it can be done automatically so you can just analyse the results.

4. Google Analytics

Do you know how to improve your business’ web performance? Track the behaviours of visitors and learn what is generating sales and what is preventing them. You can then replicate success and remove failing pages from your site to improve conversion rates.

One of the best applications for this is Google Analytics. There’s a wealth of information available for free that can tell you where, when and what a visitor is doing on your website. You can track their behaviour to see which pages a visitor views and where they exit your site.

An essential integration for any business owner with a website.


There’s a lot of potential power in these applications, and although MailChimp recommends them, it isn’t just MailChimp that these can integrate with. Many websites can integrate these apps too, and you can immediately build and improve your business’ current performance with them.

What integrations do you use with your marketing list? How much time could you save using these integrations?

Let us know in the comments below.

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