7 Tips To Help You Sell More Online

Here are seven ways to sell more online

When you sell products online, you must try to maximise conversions. This will yield better revenues, higher profit margins and a more successful business. Many businesses will concentrate on the traffic levels of your store. While this might work, it’s harder to increase traffic than it is to improve conversion ratios.

So, here are some of the top ways that you can sell more online without trying to raise traffic levels.

1. Improve Your Website’s Speed

For every second it takes your site or a page to load, you’ll lose 7% of your revenue. By the time it takes your site four seconds to load, you’ve lost a quarter of your potential revenue. This is often because customers are fickle. They want a fast site because they see this as professional and that you’re investing in your business.

Slow sites also suffer from poorer traffic levels. Therefore, reducing your website’s loading time can help you sell more through better conversions and more traffic.

2. Improve Website Design

Many small businesses who’ve been operating for a long time haven’t updated their website for a while. Yet an improved website design can help you convert more people. You should do A/B testing of pages to see what content converts people better.

In addition, you should ensure that the new website is mobile-friendly. This allows those using mobile devices to shop on your store.

3. Create More Content

Research has found that those who blog more frequently generate more leads. In fact, blogging at least once every other day can improve lead generation by up to 70%.

To make the most of your blogging, you should combine it with other digital marketing content like email marketing. At the end of the page, or as a pop-up, you should offer the visitor a chance to subscribe to your mailing list.

4. Subscribe More People To Your Mailing List

Your email marketing list is an ideal opportunity to sell more online. Research has found that email marketing is one of the top ways to sell more online. For every $1 you spend, you’re likely to get more than $38 back. It offers more returns for a much lower cost.

You should subscribe more people to your mailing list through several campaigns. This includes having competitions, lead magnets and pop-ups on your website/social media.

5. Create Urgency

One tactic that will help you sell more is to create urgency. This is when the customer is persuaded to make the purchase quickly for fear of missing out on something. There are several ways that you can create urgency on your website. The first way is to add a countdown timer to your site to tell people how long they’ve got until a sale goes offline.

Another way is to show when there is limited stock. You could also add elements such as telling people how many times a product has been bought in the past few hours.

6. Free Shipping Barriers

Customers love free shipping, but that doesn’t mean that all your orders need to have free shipping. Instead, you can actually charge for shipping unless the customers has more than a set order value in their basket. For instance, free shipping could be offered for orders over $50.

To make this more successful, you should consider adding a free shipping bar on your site. This is a progress bar that sits near the checkout or other location, that shows how much more customers need to add to their cart to get free shipping.

7. Social Login

You can also add social login to your website. Social login is when a customer can setup an account on your site, and log in, using a social media account. These are very popular because they save time and make it easier for the customer.

There are numerous apps that can help you with this and you can have it that customers can utilise one of many different social networks to help.


Selling more from your website is very important. You have to maximise sales in order to generate the best profits. Above are seven of the best ways you can improve conversions and therefore sell more on your website.

Have you tried any of the above tactics? What other ways can you think to improve sales on your website?

Let us know in the comments below.

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