What Is Happening With Email Marketing In 2019

How email marketing will change in 2019

As technology progresses, so does the way businesses use email marketing to reach customers and prospects to help grow their business. In 2019, there are going to be a lot of changes thanks to continuous advancements. Here are some of those changes that will happen and how you can benefit from them.

1. Personalisation Will Take Centre Stage

Personalisation has been on the agenda for marketing for the past few years. However, 2019 is going to be the year where personalisation really starts to take over. There is no real excuse now for your small business not to use personalisation in campaigns and the results can be outstanding.

Research has found that conversations from click-throughs can be increased by 202% if call-to-actions have personalisation within them. Other surveys have found that order values can be increased by 5% and conversion rates increased by 6%.

All the benefits added together mean that businesses can improve revenues by up to 17% when they integrate personalisation within their campaigns.

2. Predicative Automation Will Help Businesses Win

Everyone knows that data is vital in today’s business environment. It helps you to identify patterns in purchasing behaviour. Using this you can predict when a prospect might be ready to buy. Or alternatively you can predict when someone might need to re-purchase a product.

By using this information, you can send emails at exactly the right time to ensure that you’re the brand the prospect buys from and not a competitor. The technology for this is already available and easy to implement, plus it adds to the personalisation that was mentioned in point one.

There are many ways you can mix predicative automation with personalisation. These include birthdays, special occasions, past purchasing history and other aspects that can create an immersive customer experience.

3. Higher Average Order Value Via Mobile Devices

The average order value (AOV) for mobile devices has historically always been lower compared to desktop. This is generally because consumers are more adverse to buying big ticket items via their mobile devices. However, this can all change and the start of the mobile’s catch up began last year.

According to statistics, in the third quarter of 2018, mobile AOV was just $20 less than desktop AOV, a closer gap than has been recorded before. A significant reason for this is that the consumer experience of the mobile purchasing process is becoming much better.

With more emails being opened on mobile devices, the importance of this is significant. If you can improve your website’s performance on mobile devices, improve product descriptions, add more images, videos and customer testimonials, you can offer a better experience to your subscribers and improve overall revenue without increasing subscribers.

4. Interactive Content Will Be Key

Engagement rates in emails is a significant driver for success. The more that subscribers can engage with an email, the more action they are likely to take on your website and shop. There are many ways that you can increase engagement within your email content. In the past it was limited to just videos within content.

However, now you can insert other aspects such as games, quizzes image carousels and other clickable items that allow the user to interact with your brand without ever leaving the email itself. There are many ways that brands are using this currently, including offering personality quizzes or making bookings without leaving the email.

Interactive content helps to form happy memories in the minds of subscribers and this can help to create regular habits within your subscribers. The main habit is the desire to open your emails. However, be warned, it also forms certain expectations such as the knowledge that your emails will contain interactive content at all times.

But if done right, interactivity within the emails will increase sales and revenues.

2019 Will Be Your Year

When you start to implement the tips above, you’ll find that email marketing can boost the sales in your business. This will help you grow your business and develop new products/services that can help you become a household name.

What do you think is going to be a major email marketing trend this year? Have you used any of the above in your marketing?

Let us know in the comments below.

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