Download Free Solutions – Keeping Your Small Business Cleaner And Easier To Maintain

Don’t let your desk become cluttered.

When it comes to running your business, there are two things you need from your software. Firstly, it should make it easier for you to run your business, and secondly, it should be cost effective. And nothing is more cost-effective than free.

An efficient, free tool can help you maintain a cleaner business. For instance, some social media management programmes can give you all the information you need to manage your updates in one place and see how the audience is reacting.

Therefore, you can devote more time to other vital business activities such as completing business improvement initiatives or meeting new clients.

So, what solutions are available for small businesses and how can they support you?

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management systems available online. It is often ranked highly by experts and many small and large businesses use it to publish on, and monitor their social media accounts.

A free account on Hootsuite offers a lot of management options. You can control three profiles from many social media networks (even two or three on the same network).

Each page can have up to ten streams that can monitor your updates, search results, social interactions, and new followers. Therefore, from one screen you can monitor all the activity of any profile.

Hootsuite also enables you to schedule updates to be released at a future date. Hootsuite can even set the time and date for you, based on start and finish times you set. Hootsuite can really help you grow a following and develop your brand.

2. Open ModelSphere

This open-source tool is used for modelling data, processes and producing UML diagrams. It allows you to look at your business’ processes and see where there might be bottlenecks and value-deficient processes within your systems.

Open ModelSphere can run on any platform and interact with other databases so using it doesn’t require new systems to be created.

The open-source nature of the software also means you can develop it, so it’s perfect for your business. And, if you need some help, there’s even a developing community on LinkedIn for support.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best ways to share your documents online. You can create word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, and then invite people from anywhere in the world to view or edit your documents.

This makes the system ideal for those who work with remote teams.

Another useful feature for Google Docs is that you can edit the document while someone else is reading it, and they can see what changes you are making. This is perfect for collaboration and development of documents.

4. DropBox

A free account on Dropbox allows you to share your documents with members of your team and not have to email them to everyone. This is particularly useful when you are sharing information that doesn’t require a personal response.

5. Fluttermail

While not free, Fluttermail is one of the best email marketing systems available to small businesses. We offer a wide range of tools and systems to help you optimise your email marketing campaigns to earn more revenue from each email you send out.

Our charges aren’t expensive either. For just $17, you can have 1,000 subscribers and access to all our features.

Using a web-based email marketing service allows you to store your list away off your server, keeping it free to manage your normal email operations.

Also, web-based email marketing services can give you great information on how your campaigns are performing – helping you to be better at recognising sales opportunities.


Keeping your business clean and easy to maintain can be challenging, but with the right tools, you can focus on other essential business tasks that support the growth of your business.

How do you keep your business clean and easy to maintain? What tools do you use?

Let us know in the comments below.

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