The Importance Of Sending Welcome Emails

Welcome new subscribers to your mailing list

When someone subscribes to your mailing list, you need to provide the right impression to your new contact. There are several factors to this. The first is to maintain the terms that you signed the subscriber up to (posting frequency, type of content, etc.). Another way to develop the best impression is to send a welcome email to your new subscriber.

What Is A Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the first email that a new subscriber receives after confirming their subscription to your list. There are many brands that send a message that just thanks the contact for subscribing, but this is a wasted opportunity to convert or engage the audience quickly.

Here are some of the ways that you can use a welcome email for your business.

1. Confirm Subscription

One really important reason why you should send a welcome email is to confirm that the person has successfully subscribed. This is a great idea because sometimes people don’t realise when the process is complete. This can be frustrating for the audience and they can lose interest in your brand.

Alternatively, they can forget completely about your brand. This can mean your messages are later sent to the spam folder because the subscriber believes you’ve subscribed them without their permission.

2. You Can Start The Sales Process

Email marketing is one of the best ways to sell online. For every $1 you spend, you’re likely to get back about $38. This excellent ROI makes it one of the best performing sales avenues but it still takes some time. According to statistics, it can take between five and twelve interactions with 80% of your leads to achieve a sale with them. The subscription process and welcome email can take two off that.

Plus, if you’ve recently sold to the customer and as part of the sales process they subscribed to your mailing list, this is the perfect time to get them to re-order or add to their order. You could cross sell or upsell products that are based on the original process.

3. You Can Make Purchasing An Urgent Matter

If you want to shorten the time between subscription and purchase, then you need to change the mentality of the audience. They are subscribing because they aren’t in a position to complete a purchase and want to think about it. However, you need to make them believe that they don’t have that long.

To do this you need to create some urgency.

There are a couple ways of doing this. The best, and most frequently used method, is to use a coupon within the content that is unique to the subscriber, can be used online once and within a set period of time. The period of time creates an urgency.

4. You Can Create Brand Ambassadors

More than 80% of audiences are more trusting of their peers than they are of your marketing content. You need to leverage that if you want to be successful. So, why not use the welcome emails as a way to get your audience to share your content and attract people to subscribe to your mailing list?

All that is required is a social media share button embedded into your welcome email campaign and encouragement for the reader to click on it. Most social media channels can be supported and used, with Facebook and Twitter being the top two issues.


Your welcome email is one of the most important emails you’ll send to new subscribers. It will not just confirm that they’ve subscribed, it’s also a chance for you to shorten the sales process to make your email marketing more profitable and rewarding. You can also extend your welcome email into a drip marketing series that can help you automate email marketing while achieving sales.

Do you have a welcome email? Do you utilise a welcome email?

Let us know in the comments.

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How To Write The Perfect Welcome Email

welcome email for new subscribers

The welcome email for your subscribers is one of the most important pieces of content you can send. It allows you to sell your brand and reassure new subscribers that they’ve made the right choice in signing up to your list. Starting your relationship off on a positive allows you to generate better results in the long-term.

You should also remember that welcome emails get a much higher open rate compared to other email campaigns.

So, here are some tips to help you write that perfect welcome email.

1. Thank The New Subscriber

They’ve taken the time to fill in some information, confirm their email address and even read your welcome email. That is a lot of effort for some people, you might have already given them something like a discount, free ebook or information, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t thank them for their efforts.

Saying thank you can be very effective. It adds a human touch to mailing campaigns and it helps to build brand loyalty. Subscribers are more receptive to your mailing campaigns if they know you appreciate them signing up.

2. Deliver On Promises

If you did use an incentive to get the new subscriber to join your mailing list, now is the time to deliver. This is an important part of your marketing because if you fulfil your promises now, then you can convince the new subscriber that you’re going to treat them right.

Not delivering on promises can be frustrating for new subscribers and they’re going to unsubscribe. Or worse, they could mention the fact you didn’t deliver on your promises on social media or with their peers which can damage your brand’s reputation online.

3. Set Expectations

An important part of running a mailing list is to set expectations. When you have a new subscriber you should tell them how often you’re going to send emails, what type of emails you’re going to send and even what day you normally send content.

The more information you can give the better you’re setting expectations. If you don’t set expectations, then audiences could be surprised by the number of emails you send and make complaints about you sending spam.

4. Build Brand Identity

Some people don’t read much about the brand before subscribing, especially if you’ve given them a great incentive. So now is the time to tell them who you are and what your brand stands for. One of the best ways to build brand identify is to use images and videos that offer higher engagement rates than just text.

You can also link to content in blogs and on other pages on your email. You should also link to your contact information page, social media channels and any other pages where they might be able to get new information about you.

5. Tell Subscribers To Whitelist Your Mailing Address

Subscribing people to your business’ mailing list is one thing, getting them to receive your content is another. Sometimes your emails will get sent to the spam folder, just because the settings are too strict. However, if you ask new subscribers to whitelist you, you can ensure that they will receive your emails.

In your email, you can offer them instructions on how your email address can be whitelisted. You should also emphasise the benefits of whitelisting your business’ mailing list.

Don’t Forget Your Welcome Email

Your welcome email is an important part of your business’ success with email marketing. However, if you don’t get it right, then you’re going to find it challenging to improve on ROI for email campaigns. So, the more of the above you can implement in your welcome email, the better off you will be.

Do you use a welcome email in your email campaigns? How can you improve it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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The Importance Of Keeping Your Email Subscribers In The Loop

Communicate with your clients to keep them on your list!

Communicate with your clients to keep them on your list!

Email subscribers are an important asset to your marketing and sales team. They are the ones that are likely to purchase products and expand the reach of your brand. However, the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns can be greatly reduced if you don’t have the right welcome email. This email, the first they receive, should have a lot of information contained within it, yet still be concise.

There are numerous benefits to having a proper welcome email for your subscription list. It can reduce unsubscribe rates, encourage higher interaction rates and the chance to reduce the time to sale. So what should you include in your welcome email? Here are a few suggestions:

Why They Are Receiving This Email

Sometimes, your subscribers won’t remember that they signed-up for your email list. This can make it awkward when you send your first email to them, and they then unsubscribe citing spam or that they hadn’t subscribed. Instead, by reminding them that they gave permission to receive your commercial email, you are reducing that risk.

A Thank You

A good first impression is not just important; it is essential. The right impression will help you generate a strong bond with your audience and encourage them to see you in a positive light. By saying thank you, you show that you are courteous and have manners.

Demonstrate Your Importance

People want to know why they should be reading your content. Therefore, give them some examples of why your content is important. There are several ways that you can achieve this:

  • Direct them to previous campaigns containing useful information.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your products/services.
  • Demonstrate content on your blog that might be useful.
  • Include testimonials from others.

Set Email Expectations

Email expectations are an often forgotten but necessary element for retaining the trust of your audience. If you can demonstrate that you won’t just randomly email them whenever there is an offer but will only email them a specific number of times, then you can be sure they’ll stick around for longer. Of course, you have to keep that promise and not forget the level that you first set.

Ask For Feedback

Another key component of your welcome email should be asking for feedback. This can be taken in many different ways, either by the audience directly replying to you, or by setting up a survey online and taking the results from there. This opportunity can generate useful information, like where the subscriber found out about your brand, what content they would like to read and more personal details that can help segment them.

Website And Social Media Links

Don’t forget to place links to your website and social media profiles onto the email itself. This helps to build up a following over a wider set of communication channels and convert the prospect into a brand advocate.

Opt-Out Information

Remember to keep all the necessary, and legal information within your welcome message. This includes how the subscriber can opt-out of your mailing list, which should be an easy and quick (immediate) process, like clicking through on a link.

Reward Your Subscribers

The subscriber is an important asset to your company, show this by offering the new prospect a reward for subscribing. This could be a discount, free download or a humorous video that is visible only to subscribers.


Your subscription welcome email is a valuable marketing tool for your business. It helps to please prospects that you might not have met and can help to keep them engaged with your brand and more receptive to your marketing messages. By using the tips above, you can generate a highly engaging welcome message to entice audiences to consider your products or services.

How do you keep email subscribers? Do you send a welcome email?

Let us know in the comments below.

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