Subject Line Tricks To Improve Open Rates

email open rates
How to get more people to open your emails.

When it comes to improving open rates, there are several aspects that are key. One of those is the subject line that the audience sees. If you have a boring subject line, then your mail can be lost in busy inboxes. However, if you make slight tweaks to your mail, then you can make it stand out and improve your campaign’s performance.

So, what are the subject line tricks you can use to improve open rates?

1. Bracketing Text

One of the newest ways that people have started to build upon their open rate is by including brackets in their subject lines. A line like this:

Some amazing daily deals that can’t be found elsewhere

can be turned into

Some amazing (exclusive) daily deals

The brackets used to be unusual. So it drew attention to the email in an inbox. However, more marketers are starting to do this, so consumers are going to get used to the practice soon. That doesn’t make it less valuable, there are still going to be some audiences who are more likely to click through on this type of subject line.

2. Avoid Blacklists (Spam) Words

Another key aspect to getting your emails opened is getting them seen in the first place. When you include spam words in your subject lines then mail servers are going to be blocking your content, making them bounce, or sending them to the spam folder, where few people check for emails.

There are a lot of words that can be considered bad for spam. So be sure to check out those lists carefully. We’ve even created an article recently where we detailed some of the worst options for words.

However, two good examples would be the words ‘daily’ and ‘deals’. These are often associated with spam and so should be removed and replaced. So this subject line:

Some amazing (exclusive) daily deals

could be turned into

Some amazing (exclusive) products available today.

3. Add Ownership To The Subject Line

Call-to-action optimisation is all about giving ownership of the action to the reader. The same can be said to email subject lines. After all, they are both there to tell the audience to do something. In the case of the email subject line, it is to read the rest of the content.

There are several ways to add ownership to a subject line. But the most powerful is by including the word ‘you’ somewhere in the text. While personalisation used to work, customers are becoming more aware of the technology that can just add it in. So placing a name within the subject line is becoming less effective.

Therefore, this subject line:

Some amazing (exclusive) products available today.

Could become

Some amazing (exclusive) products available for you today

4. Be Controversial And Keep A Secret (Very Badly)

Another key tactic used by numerous other people on email marketing is being controversial and implying a secret. This adds intrigue and a desire by the audience to know what is hidden within the email. Controversial aspects are hard to apply without offending certain elements, but there are ways of doing it.

You don’t have to use the word secret, or confidential within the content to get the secret element across. Instead, you can use words like ‘exclusive’ or ‘just for you’ to get that same sense. For instance, in the example above, we’ve used the word exclusive. That implies scarcity and secrecy. Therefore, audiences are more likely to click through.

To add controversy, you could add something like:

Some amazing (exclusive) products available for you (that your [name of relation] doesn’t want you to have)

The name of relation can be swapped with any relation like wife, husband, mum, dad, etc..


Improve your email marketing success with some of the tips above. When they see your new subject lines, you should see an increase in the number of people who are reading your content and therefore making a purchase.

How do you monitor your open rates? Have you tried split testing to see what subject lines perform better?

Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Tricks To Writing Amazing Email Headlines That Get Opened

Tricks to write better headlines to ensure your emails are opened.

Getting your emails opened is the first step in any email campaign. The more people that open your emails, the more people that are likely to take action. There are many ways to improve your open-rate, however, writing great email headlines is one of the best ways.

So, here are some amazing tricks you can use to write those email headlines that will encourage audiences to engage with your content.

1. Use Numbers In The Headlines

One of the typical ways you can entice people to open emails is to include a number, often written in numerical form, within the subject. For instance, “7 Secrets To Have A Great Christmas” sounds better than “Secrets To Have A Great Christmas”.

Numbers offer several things to audiences. Firstly, it sets an expectation that they can measure against for satisfaction. Secondly, it is because a number is very attractive to the human eye. Therefore, when your email is listed among loads of others, yours with a number in it is more likely to be opened.

You don’t need to have a large number of tips or tricks for your audience to digest in an email, just one is better than none. An example of this could be: “What is the 1 secret your teachers didn’t tell you about school?” compared to “What’s the secret teachers didn’t tell you about school”. The second one has less authority and is not as attractive, that little number adds a lot of value to your readers, even though the topic is the same.

2. Be Controversial

Sometimes being a little controversial can add an attraction to audiences. For instance: “What is the one secret your teachers didn’t tell you about school?” adds a little controversy because it is talking about what teachers have kept from students.

Other writers have used controversial headlines to get people to open emails. However, that doesn’t always work. You’ve got to create a controversial headline that doesn’t impede your message. In fact, your controversial subject line shouldn’t be against the main message. For instance, don’t write a subject line that says: “You don’t want to come to my event” and then have an email that suggests what they’ll miss out on and eventually say “unless you want to come”. The whole subject line is wasted and trust in your content undone.

However, you could follow the example of Ian Brodie who wrote an email about why networking didn’t work for him. His headline was why networking didn’t work (for him). He got high praise for that email and the controversial headline worked.

3. Offer Secrets

Humans love to be in the know. We like to know something that others don’t. This is why offering information that is ‘secret’ in emails is such a good way to get people to open them. Secrets seem to imply that the reader is going to get information that they’ve not seen or read from before. This is a great way to get them to open it because so many emails include the same information.

For instance, if you had a subject line: “Five ways to grow your business” people have probably read articles and emails about this a lot. They might think your email is a rewrite of many of those content pieces. However, if you change it to “Five secrets that will grow your business” audiences will think that that new information is included within the article. This makes it more likely to be opened.


The three tricks that we’ve mentioned above are the ones that you’re going to need in order to build a successful email marketing campaign. They are three tricks that will help get your emails noticed in crowded mailboxes with busy audiences. When more people read your content, you can immediately see more returns on your investment.

What tricks do you have for your headlines? Have you tried any of the above?

Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Things You Need Less Of To Improve Open Rates

What do you need to lose to improve open rates?

Your email campaign open rate is an important metric. The higher the open rate, the more people that are reading your campaigns and therefore, the greater revenue you can generate. However, there are several elements that can actually prevent you from having high open rates. By reducing some aspects within your campaign, you can actually improve open rates.

A higher open rate will also validate you as a sender. Therefore, if you can maintain high open rates, then your email domain will be whitelisted by email servers and this prevents your email from being sent into spam folders.

So, here are some of the things you can reduce in your email campaigns that can help you improve your open rates.

1. Subject Line Length

The first thing you should look at is the length of your subject lines. While they’ve got to include enough information to personalise, provide value and include an offer, the subject should also be short.

More than half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices and these have fewer spaces for letters. Therefore, if you have a subject line that is more than 41 characters then you’re likely to have part of the subject missing to audiences. This will devalue your subject line and reduce your open rate.

2. Spam Words

There are nearly 500 words that are considered spam by filters embedded in email servers. If you have these spam words inserted into the subject line or throughout the copy of your email, then you will have a hard time avoiding the spam folder in your subscriber’s email accounts. You might even have some hard bounces that will further impact your email server’s reputation.

Note that spam words being exempt from the email subject line isn’t the only requirement here. You must make sure that you limit their use within the copy of the email as many filters will assess the quality of the content now as well as the subject line.

3. Images Within The Copy Of The Email

There are many ways that images embedded within the email can reduce your open rates. Firstly, too many images might get flagged up by email filters. Secondly, images consume more memory than simple text. So when readers are on the move, it can take longer for people to open emails with lots of images.

When you do need to have images within an email, try to reduce the memory they require by using image optimisation tools like RIOT. These free tools will reduce the size of the images and convert them into different formats that make it easier and quicker for subscribers to view.

4. The Number Of People On A Send List

You’re never really looking to increase the number of people opening an email, you’re always looking at increasing the percentage of people who open an email in a campaign. This might seem the same, but they aren’t. There are many different people who reside on your email marketing list. They are all at different parts of the purchasing journey or are interested in different products.

Sending emails that aren’t relevant to people is not going to have them open the mail. Therefore, you need to segment your list so that campaigns are sent to the right people. This might mean you’re sending more emails out, but each campaign is to fewer, but more relevant people.

You should also look at cleansing your list every so often so those that haven’t responded to your campaigns, or have hard or soft bounced are removed from your list.

5. Number Of Emails Sent

If you send out emails too frequently you can put subscribers off from reading your emails. Some industries like coupon sites and job sites that send emails out every day experience very low open rates.

Instead you need to find the right sending frequency for your list. It is different for each industry and even demographic, so you might need to do some A/B testing on this tactic.

Get More Opens Through Smarter Email Campaigning

Your email list is valuable. Don’t waste that by limiting your potential results from campaigns. Ensure you’re leaving the right things out of your email content and subject line that can reduce your campaign’s open rates.

What is your open rate? What will you try to improve your open rate?

Let us know in the comments below.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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7 Tips For Ensuring Better Open Rates On Your Campaigns

Open rates are the main drive for your emails. If you can get more people to open your emails, you’ll have more people who click through to links in those campaigns and this should earn you more revenue.

There are many aspects of your campaigns that help you improve your open rates. Here are some tips that can help you become a success with email marketing.

1. Don’t buy email contacts

The first tip is to ensure that you have a clean email marketing list in the first place. Don’t use contacts that haven’t given you permission and never buy email contacts. While it might seem beneficial to have a large email list, if those people have no relevance, they’re useless.

In addition, GDPR laws clearly state that you need the email owner’s permission to store their data. If you’ve bought the list, you cannot guarantee that.

2. Clean Out Your Email Contact List

One of the things that is holding your email open rate back is your list not being clean. People abandon email subscriptions for many different reasons including: no longer relevant content, marketers being too pushy, and the email address itself being abandoned.

You need to remove these people. They’re costing you money to market to a dead email address and affecting your email open rate.

3. Send Emails Less Regularly

Did you know that 78% of subscribers will unsubscribe to your list if you send too many emails. The truth is, that too many emails can lead to information overload and customers avoid these emails – literally deleting them before opening. That is why certain industries, like coupon and daily deal sites, have very low open rates.

Instead, create campaigns that are ultra-focused and are sent to audiences when they need them. Less is often more when it comes to marketing. You want your content to be powerful, not plentiful.

4. Use An Emoji In Your Subject Line

Your subject line is an important part of your email’s marketing. People judge on whether or not to read an email based solely on your subject line. According to a survey, 55% of brands use emojis in their email subject line and this has increased their open rate.

Emojis attract the attention of your audience because they stand out. Therefore, including them somewhere in your subject line is a good option. Perhaps being a little creative like replacing a word with an emoji can help you.

5. Exclude Certain Words From The Subject Line

There are so many words that can trigger spam filters or audiences automatically consider spam. Therefore, you should avoid words like: percent off, make money, collect, clearance and claim. Even words like discount and sale can be frowned upon.

Donate is also a very unpopular word in subject lines.

6. Personalise Your Email Subject Lines

It is better that you look at personalising your email subject line. Don’t just think that a name will now count as personalisation. Customers are very aware of technology and this won’t make them think you care about them. Instead, look at their behaviours and consider inputting some recent products they’ve looked at or content they’ve read from you.

Personalisation helps to build trust and relationships. With the right strategy you can increase open rates by about 50% with some simple personalisation.

7. Adopt A Gender-Neutral Marketing Philosophy

Women spend more time on their emails than men do, especially when it comes to retail based emails. Which is why you’ve always got to consider their email reading preferences in your campaign. One thing that is true of the female audience is that they prefer gender-neutral subject lines.

Therefore, drop ‘boy shoes’ or ‘women’s fashion’ and concentrate on making your subject lines more genderless.


Your open rate is important. The more people you have open their emails, the more sales you will likely have. Use the tips above to improve your campaign’s performance.

How do you improve your email’s open rate? Have you tried any of the tips above?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Why Do My Email Open Rates Suck?

Do you have good email open rates?

One of the main ‘key performance indicators’ you’ll want to measure is your email open rate. The more people that open your emails, the greater your revenue from any given email.

Each industry, and different businesses, have unique open rates. For instance, e-commerce and coupon sites tend to have lower open rates than legal and accounting businesses. However, this is small comfort if you have a particularly low open rate.

What Is A Low Email Open Rate?

A low email marketing open rate can be considered anything that’s less than 15%. If you have this, you should be looking to make a lot of improvements.

Luckily, there are many potential changes you can make which can help you improve open rates and grow revenues. Here are some quick suggestions for you to try.

1. Create Better Subject Lines

A lot of people will open your marketing emails based on the subject lines. If you don’t have a compelling subject line for the reader, they’re going to read another business’ emails first, or perhaps not even bother with yours.

There are many ways to improve a subject line. You could:

  • Personalise your emails so they are more specific to the reader.
  • Create a compelling offer that has value to the audience.
  • Be controversial.
  • Use humour to make a point.

2. Reduce The Number Of Subscribers Who Receive Your Emails

While you might think this is about culling your email marketing list, it’s anything but. In this point we primarily speak about reducing the number of people who receive specific emails. This is known as segmentation.

Segmentation is about sending emails to only those who should receive the email. Such as those who have expressed an interest in a certain product or service. It’s no good sending an email about boy shoes to a person who has only bought girl shoes.

Segmentation can automatically increase open rates because there are fewer people receiving the emails who have no interest. This helps to reduce costs and unsubscribe rates.

3. Remove Unresponsive Subscribers

Now we’re going to discuss removing subscribers from your list. However, you shouldn’t just remove subscribers. You should look for people who haven’t engaged with an email for three to six months (depends on the frequency of your emails). Also look for those who hard and soft bounce.

These people need to be sent a re-engagement campaign email where you attempt to bring them back to your brand. If they don’t respond, then you remove them. Note that those who hard bounce should be removed immediately after a bounce. These bounces can harm your brand’s reputation.

While it’s unfortunate to lose subscribers, sometimes you’ve got to do it. It helps to reduce costs and gives you a better set of statistics you can rely on.

4. Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

Auto-responders and behavioural triggered emails work much better than traditional emails. Therefore, you want to try and switch your email marketing campaigns so they are more automated and triggered.

There are several benefits to this. Firstly, automated emails and behavioural emails are more aligned to the current needs of the audience. Therefore, they have a greater chance to be engaged with. Your brand is also in their current memory, so you have an advantage.

Secondly, you can reduce your workload. Automated emails are pre-written. You just need to adjust them when you want to change them. This means you can concentrate on other digital marketing campaigns that can draw audiences into subscribing to your mailing list.

5. Change When You Send Emails

Ensure you’re sending emails at the right time. Email open rates are different for particular days of the week and times of the day. If you send emails at the wrong time, then your email could be missed among others.

Check with your past campaigns to determine when emails are being opened and engaged with. Then use those times as a basis.


Your mail marketing campaigns can be a great success and while your email open rates suck now – they don’t have to. Try some of the improvements above and see how your email’s KPIs change. You might see your business succeed.

What is your email open rate? How does that compare with your industry?

Let us know in the comments below.

Image from Pixabay.

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Keeping Open Rates High Even When It’s Not A Holiday

People may not be jetting off on holiday, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want some holiday cheer in their emails

When it comes to email campaigns, there are a few signs of a healthy list. One of them is your open rates. During any holiday period, you can expect your business’ mailing campaigns to have high open rates. After all, this is the time when your prospective customers have more time and tend to spend more.

However, you don’t want to be limited to just the holidays for successful campaigns. This could waste a lot of time and reduce your revenue potential. So how can you improve your email’s open rates to keep your campaigns alive? Here are our top tips:

1. Promise Something Sensational In Your Emails

Your audience are curious and if you promise something sensational in your emails’ subject line, it doesn’t matter what time of year you’ve sent it, you will peak some interest.

Of course there’s the problem of being too sensational. Some of your audience will think you’re either lying or just trying to seek attention. At the same time, when you create a sensational headline, you need to fulfil the promise you’ve made. Otherwise your audience won’t carry on their purchasing journey.

In addition, if you can’t match audience expectations, then later campaigns will suffer. This can be damaging to your whole brand as some sources state 80% of your sales will happen between the 5th and 12th interaction. If your audience abandon you before those interactions because of unfilled promises, you’ve lost out.

2. Emphasise The Benefits Of Reading

The one question your audience will be asking when they receive your email is why they should read it. Therefore you need to answer this question in the subject line and pre-header text.

The reason you give should be something that benefits the reader. While most e-commerce stores concentrate on discounts or special offers, it doesn’t have to be this. It could be some key information to improve their life, or giving them free information about how to save money.

3. Use Lists And Tips

One of the easiest forms of content to read are lists. By using your email campaigns to distribute and publish lists, you can attract lots of readers whatever the season. You can always use the anticipation of holidays for list creation. For example:

  • Five foods you need at a Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Ten top presents for fathers day.
  • Three holidays you can’t afford to miss.

You can also improve this by moving away the transactional emails (i.e. attempting to sell a product/service) to creating a list of tips for your audience. For example:

  • Five tips for a stress free Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Three ways to save your career today.
  • Ten quotes to inspire your children at school.

4. Keep Your Subject Lines Short

With more emails being opened now on mobiles, it’s important to keep your email subject lines as short as possible. Generally it’s recommended to keep them under 50 characters. That doesn’t seem like a lot of room, but consider that all six subject line examples given in point three don’t have more than 50 characters, you can see that there’s a lot potential for you to write.

5. Play On Positive Emotions About Holidays

Sometimes it can be really good to rely on the emotional pull of a holiday in order to get people to pay attention to your emails. Think about the positive emotions that are associated with Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays. Could you play on these emotions in your email campaigns? For instance, “Get that Christmas morning feeling back!”


While holidays are great for email campaigns, you need to generate interest in your products/services all year round. Consider how you can use your subject lines to create exciting and compelling reasons for your audience to open your email at any time of the year.

Do you have open rates that are poorer outside of the holidays? How do you get them better?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Six Rules Of Email Marketing – How To Increase Your Open Rate

How do you get more opens of your emails?

The success of your email marketing campaigns is all about how many people open your emails. There are several ways to encourage this so you get more subscribers open your emails every time you send them a promotion, brand news or simple message.

Our six rules will help you get better results:

1. Long Subject Lines

Get Response studied the results from over three hundred emails. They found that those that contained more than 61 characters in the subject line got more open rates. According to the study, the highest open rates were approximately 12.38%.

Split testing can help you find the perfect length for your audience. Consider testing subject lines at 60 characters, 100 characters and 130 characters to see which gives the best results.

This tactic also increased the number of people who clicked through.

2. Preheader Text

Use your preheader text to give a brief outline of what is contained within the email. Preheaders are like an elevator pitch, so keep them relative, enticing and readable on mail clients. Some like Gmail and Yahoo will only give you preheader lengths of 100 characters, so keep it that short.

Preheaders should be changed for each email; they should never be the same as the title, and you should attempt to include a call to action.

3. Create Intrigue

If you want people to open your emails, they’ve got to want to find out more about your message. That is harder to do if you give away the whole story in the subject line and the preheader.

This technique is called the open loop. People become interested in the content without knowing exactly what it is about, so they open it to find out more. Then in the mail, you close the loop. An example of this would be:

“This is how you get more emails opened…”

See how this doesn’t actually mention what technique you are using. Therefore, it creates curiosity and compels the reader to open the email.

4. Subject Line Capitalisation

Having every word in capitals is not a good idea as it gives the impression that you are shouting at your audience, and nobody likes that. However, most businesses write subject lines with the first letter of every word as if it is part of a document title.

This is not how people write emails to each other. Instead, they may capitalise the first word but leave the rest (except nouns) as lowercase. You can mix it up by using special characters in your subject lines and by also adding the odd word in capitals (when you want to emphasise certain points).

5. Double Opt-In

Research has shown that those using double opt-in subscription methodology can increase subscriber engagement and increase open rates. It also helps to decrease spammers subscribing to your mailing list.

To help you keep audiences engaged, immediately after they sign-up, send them an email immediately and then send them a reasonable amount of further engaging mail in the days that follow. Research has shown that this increases the number of people who convert from strangers to customers within four weeks – making your email campaigns so much more effective.

6. Be Negative

Sometimes negative words can be more compelling for your audience. Using words like ‘the worst’, ‘absolutely wrong’ and ‘no fewer’ can be used to attract subscribers to open your emails.

This works because people like to feel that they can prove they are better than others – but what happens is that they realise they are making those mistakes, and then want to contact you to improve.


Your email marketing campaigns are important, but they are only a success if you have people open your emails. There are several techniques to get more people to open your emails, but the best strategy is to always split test your campaigns to see what works for your audience.

What is your open rate? How much higher could you go?

Let us know in the comments below.

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How To Create The Perfect Subject Line

How do you create the perfect subject line?

How do you create the perfect subject line?

When it comes to increasing the open rate of your emails, there is one area that is often forgotten about: the subject line. The subject line is often the first impression you will make with your audience and can therefore make a huge impact on whether your email campaign is successful or not.

So what makes a great subject line and how can you use this within your own campaigns?

1. Directly Speaking To The Audience

If there is one element that is constantly missed it is the mail merge function in email marketing software. You have the ability to address each audience member by name in every email in the subject line. This is perfect for email marketing because it personalises each message going out and ensures you grab the audience’s attention, by making it seem the message was written just for them.

If you want an even better open rate and are a local business, try including a town name or region. Research has shown that this can increase the open rate of emails even better than a name.

2. Change The Subject Line

If you use the same subject line every week or message, then you aren’t going to grab the attention of your audience. They will think it is the same or similar message and therefore switch off from your brand.

One example of this is with People Per Hour. They used to use one message that was broadcasted every single day. Then they adopted a different message to be broadcasted every day and it helped their business triple in size.

3. Promise Something Valuable

Your audience’s time is valuable. Therefore, don’t assume that they will just want to read what you’ve written; you’ve got to offer them something for their time in reading your piece, for example a free offer, a valuable secret (always a winner) or something else you think people will appreciate.

However, you must live up to your promises. Not keeping your word can damage your reputation and harm the success of future campaigns.

4. Avoid Overused And Spammy Words

Most people know that you should avoid words like ‘free’ and ‘voucher’ in email subject lines. These tend to trigger spam filters and messages won’t even be received let alone opened and read. However, you should also avoid other words that are associated with sales and spam such as:

  • Help
  • Percent off
  • Reminder
  • Offer

While some of these might not trigger a spam filter, readers are likely to ignore emails with these words in the subject line.

5. Shorter The Better

We’ve already stated that people are short of time and you’ve got to respect this. This is why you have to keep email copy short for better returns. The same applies with your subject line; try to keep it below 50 characters for the best results. If this can’t be managed, just ensure that it is as short as possible.

6. Ask A Question

Want to know what really works as an email subject line? A question. Even asking a question such as ‘Do you know the best email subject lines?’ and then discussing them, is likely to get a better response than: ‘Here are the best email subject lines’.


Your email subject lines need to be optimised if you are looking to get the best results from your email marketing campaigns. Many of the best practices are easy to implement and don’t cost money. Just carefully choose your subject line to succeed.

What was your last email marketing subject line? Have you got any more tips for our audience?

Let us know in the comments below.

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How To Get Your Emails Opened

mail-566337_1280Email marketing is one of the best options for communicating with your target audience. Many consumers prefer to accept promotional material via their email inboxes and it is known to be one of the best online sellers.

Yet the problem for many businesses is to ensure that their emails get opened by their audience. Open rates vary from industry to industry. Online coupon and discount services often have very poor open rates, averaging below 5%. Other industries do better with some reaching 20-30% on average, though many only achieve half of this.

To increase the open rates of your business’ emails there are several key elements to your campaigns that you can adjust for better results. Here are some of those elements for you to experiment with and gain better email marketing traction.

Subject Line

The first thing that most people look at is the subject of the email. It has been proven that a good email subject line will increase the open rate of your emails. Some of the best email subject lines are quirky and grab the attention and imagination of the receiver. For instance:

“Are you sitting comfortably?” is a good line for selling chairs.

“We’re sorry” if you haven’t sent an email for a while.

Take Action:

  • Consider what subject lines you could use in your email marketing campaigns.

The Sender

While many people may recognise your brand name, they are less likely to open the mail if it is sent from your company email address. It is better to send it from a named individual; this is more personable and makes it look less spammy.

Consider sending it the name of a senior person in your organisation, instead of just the administrator who creates the content and sends it off. A senior person in the organisation is more recognisable and makes your audience feel more valued.

Take Action:

  • Send emails from a senior member of your management team.

The Right Time And Day

23% of your emails will be opened within 60 minutes of you sending out your email. Therefore, you will want to be sending your content on the right day and time to ensure that you maximise the open rate.

There are some typical statistics that you should know:

1. Monday’s are the worst day because most people are often trying to catch up from the weekend and are too busy to open their emails.

2. Weekends are when people are out doing chores. Emails are not opened regularly on these dates.

3. While emails are regularly opened quickly, you still need to email contacts within plenty of time if you want contacts to participate in an event.

4. Tuesday and Thursday are favourite days for businesses to send their email campaigns. These days often generate the most interest and the best results.

5. Early mornings are also the best time to send emails and they get the best response.

Take Action:

  • Adjust the timing of your email marketing campaigns so they are sent at the most appropriate times.

Send To Those Who Have Opted In

If you have collected addresses from people who have not opted in you are going to get poor results – and it is illegal.

Take Action:

  • Only send emails to those who have opted in to receiving content.
  • Remove the contact details from those who have not signed up from your database.


Email marketing is one of the most effective means for generating sales online. To get better results you need to optimise your emails so that they are more attractive to your audience. Use the above ideas to perfect your email marketing campaigns and have more opened.

How have you improved the open rate of your emails? What do you recommend?

Let us know in the comments below.

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